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"Yeda Investigations" is one of the leading Investigation agencies in Israel.

The investigators employed by "Yeda" are experienced veterans of the Department of Defense and elite IDF units, and are some of the finest field operatives in Israel and abroad.

Yeda Investigations provides investigative services to corporations, companies and private individuals and takes great care to tailor the investigation to the requirements and special needs of the client.

Yeda Investigations is one of a handful of companies that employs Electronics and Computer engineers,and in the field, Yeda employs cutting edge technology in the fields of surveillance and investigations.

Yeda Investigations works closely with some of the finest attorneys in Israel, and as part of our service,we provide our clients with informal legal advice. Should the situation demand it we will refer our clients to the finest attorneys from various fields. 

Investigators employed by Yeda Investigations appear daily in courts throughout Israel providing evidence and testimony gathered during investigations. Each and every investigator at Yeda Investigations is trained and experienced in how to present evidence in court in a professional and convincing manner.

As part of our service, Yeda Investigations provides our clients with a detailed investigation report which includes filmed and documented material, and a recommendation for a future course of action if applicable.

The investigation report is examined by an attorney specializing in the field, in order to ensure that the material is legal and acceptable as evidence in court should the need arise.


Services we provide to our clients:

• Surveillance of all types, at the highest level.

• Detecting wiretapping at the office, at home or in vehicles.

• Computer Forensics.

• Mobile phones Forensics - Discover spyware on cell phones.

• Domestic disputes – Documenting and exposing infidelities, inheritance battles, domestic violence and more.
• Background checks and information gathering prior to a  personal attachment (Marriage or any other form of attachment).
• Investigations into teenage behavioral issues (Internet, crime,  drugs and alcohol,  cults etc…)
• Investigations in Daycare centers – "The Transparent Daycare",   and nursing homes – using specially adapted equipment.
• Tracking service (Missing persons, wanted persons, addresses,  assets) 
• Comprehensive financial background checks for companies and private clients (Includes background checks for potential employees).
• Business investigations, industrial espionage prevention, construction of security arrays and protocols, information security for companies and offices.
• Sale or rental of advanced equipment – hidden cameras of different sizes, recording equipment, audio surveillance equipment, surveillance software, vehicle surveillance,  encrypted surveillance equipment (placed inside a clothing item, handbag, ornaments, etc…).
• financial investigations.

• Copyright infringement investigations.

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